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Dog Days of Summer

Cream golden retriever playing on a water splash pad
Golden retriever puppy in a kiddie splash pad

Ah Summertime! The season of ice cream, school breaks, long days, and blazing hot sun. Dogs are the epitome of enthusiasm and can add an extra dose of joy to any summer activity. There are so many ways that we can include our furry BFF in our summer adventures while also being mindful of the extra safety precautions that the extreme heat and water require.

Splashin' and a Splashin'

When the temperatures rise, why not beat the heat with some aquatic escapades? Dogs and water can be a match made in summer heaven. Take your four-legged friend to a dog-friendly beach, lake, or even rent a local Swimply swimming pool if available. Whether it's a game of fetch in the water, teaching them to paddle, or simply splashing around together, water activities provide a refreshing way to bond and keep cool.

Water Safety:

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are natural swimmers. So be sure to take safety precaution and always supervise your pup during water activities. Doggy life jackets are a great (and lets be honest, super adorable) accessory that can truly be a life saver. Make sure to utilize slow and positive water introductions to keep your best furiend safe any time you are introducing a new activity or even revisiting an old one.

Be sure to provide plenty of shade, chances to cool off, and clean drinking water during your hot days out!

Take in the Scenery with Hiking Trails:

Embrace the beauty of nature and hit the trails with your furry companion. Hiking is an excellent way to explore the great outdoors and keep both you and your dog physically active. Research dog-friendly hiking trails in your area and embark on a breathtaking adventure together. Just remember to bring enough water for both of you and check the trail regulations to ensure dogs are allowed. Try finding a new adventure where you can both catch some new sights and sniffs!

Hiking Safety:

Utilize dog boots if the ground is hot where you live to keep paw pads protected. Consider how you will keep your dog cool so they don't over heat. You could utilize a cooling vest or harness insert, or be sure that there is plenty of shade or perhaps a dip in the river to cool off along your way. Pack plenty of water and a collapsible bowl for your pup to stay hydrated (and you too!)

Black standard poodle puppy running in the sand at the beach
Black poodle puppy at the beach

Patio Pooches

Summertime isn't just about adventure—it's also about relaxation and indulgence. Many outdoor cafés and restaurants welcome well-behaved dogs in their outdoor seating areas. So, plan a doggy date and enjoy a leisurely brunch or an afternoon cup of coffee with your loyal companion by your side. Don't forget to bring a water bowl and some dog-friendly treats for a complete dining experience.

Pupsicles to Cool Off

Two enthusiastic paws up from my pups when I offer them a homemade (and super easy to make) Pupsicle. When the sun is blazing, what's better than a frozen treat to beat the heat? Whip up some homemade doggy popsicles or pick up dog-friendly ice cream from a pet store. These chilly delights not only provide relief from the sweltering temperatures but also serve as tasty rewards for your pup's summer escapades. Plus, capturing their adorable excitement and licky moments is always a win! You can do a simple blend of some plain greek yogurt and some blueberries, or some pureed plain pumpkin with some pieces of banana. Freezing cubes of watermelon is another quick and easy option too!

You can always take a car ride when the heat is too much and swing through your local coffee shop for an iced latte for you and a pup cup for your furry BFF.

Brown and white standard poodle licking whipped cream from a black coffee cup
Poodle enjoying a pup cup from BlackRock coffee

Summer is a magical season, and sharing it with your furry best friend can elevate the fun to a whole new level. Whether it's splashing in the water, exploring nature, or simply enjoying a lazy day under the shade of a tree, there's no shortage of summertime adventures to experience with your dog. So, embrace the season, create lasting memories (take those fun photos), and cherish the moments you spend together. After all, summertime fun with your canine companion is simply pawsome! Get out there and Just Love The Dog!!


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