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About Just Love The Dog

At Just love The Dog we strive to build a training plan that works best for your dog and your family. We focus on your personal goals for your dog and help you gain success through positive reinforcement and creating an amazing bond.  We believe in loving and meeting the dog where they're at and having a great time together. Reinforcement drives behavior and we can't wait to help you reach your goals with your dog through fun and interactive training!

We offer private in home sessions, as well as virtual sessions and an online course. We will help you and your dog create a relationship based on trust and reinforcement. 

Meet Our Team!

Audrey Folsom Nett 
Owner & Trainer 

Hello! My name is Audrey,

I became interested in dog training when I got my dog, Ruby. When I got her, she was 5 months old and struggled really badly with separation anxiety. Knowing that this was so tough on her I wanted to learn the best ways to help her. Through helping her I found my passion for dog training. Since then I have worked under multiple trainers and gained tons of experience with many types of dogs. I value teaching people and dogs how to learn from each other to better their lives together. 

My training style is force-free positive reinforcement training. I believe that no dog needs to be trained through fear or pain. Reinforcement drives behavior and is scientifically proven to be the most efficient training method. If you have any questions about this training style, feel free to ask! 

Currently, I still have Ruby, she’s seven now, wow! She is a jack russell lab mix. I also have Stella who is a Staffordshire terrier mix and she is six. You can find her under a blanket in various places in the house.

Audrey Nett

What Clients Say

Audrey’s calm and confident demeanor made her a perfect fit for our reactive pup. She did not treat our dog with a one size fits all approach and our pup is better for it. She was creative as she guided us with her extensive knowledge in dog behavior. She didn’t give up on our pup, even when we felt tired and frustrated that our pup wasn’t making progress as fast as we wanted. She acknowledged our frustrations and empathized with how hard some days can be. She accompanied us with optimism and fun on our training journey. We could not recommend her more highly to work with you and your pups!!!

Anna, Paul, & Minny 
~ Client name with dog's name
Mallorie Valdez
Mallorie Valdez
Owner & Trainer

I am a passionate, professional dog trainer who started off my journey with a degree in Psychology and Behavioral Studies. I have logged thousands of hours training dogs from puppies through adulthood, including in-depth training of service dogs, pet manners, tricks, and so much more. My passion lies with working to help owners understand how to love the dog that they have and how to thrive together. I believe training should always be a fun opportunity that both the dog and human look forward to. Finding ways to enrich dogs lives and help owners and their pets to live their absolute best lives together is what brings joy to my heart!

I believe that a big part of dog training is helping to bridge the communication gap between the human and the dog. Working together as a team with your dog and finding ways to help meet their needs will gain you the most success and I am here to help every step of the way.  

I currently have two standard poodles, Elijah and Ezra.  They both are full of love and energy and really enjoy enrichment activities including sniffy walks and puzzles.  We spend a ton of time exploring the world together.


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