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Training Services

At Just Love The Dog we offer a variety of training options to meet your goals and schedule.  All training is positive reinforcement based and focused on helping your dog meet your individual goals. Whether you are looking for training walks, private sessions, virtual training, or even puppy basics, we are here to help!
Training Options

How We Train

We can help with all of your training needs from puppy basics to reactivity and beyond!

Our training style is force free, positive reinforcement training. We believe that no dog needs to be trained through fear or pain as science and experience has shown us that positive reinforcement creates great outcomes and success. Reinforcement drives behavior and is scientifically proven to be the most efficient way to train. If you have any questions about this training style, feel free to ask! 


Fill Out an Intake Form

Fill out an intake form so that we can get the details about your dog, your goals, and relevant information to help us to help you best!  This will allow us to have the information needed in order to best assist you and to most efficiently match you with a trainer who can meet your needs!


Schedule a session or a consult

Once we have the intake form, we will reach out to schedule a session or a consult with you!  Consultations can be done through phone, Zoom or in person and your initial training session can be done either in person or visually as well!


The work (& fun) begins!

During your first session we will go over your goals, your individualized training plan, training games to practice in between sessions, and how to best meet your dogs needs.  


About the program:

For puppies under 16 weeks of age.  This program will help set your puppy up for life long success by introducing proper socialization, how to meet your puppies needs, what to expect in puppyhood and so much more!  Early training sets the foundation for your puppy and helps to prevent future behavioral struggles. We will help you build foundational skills that will lead up to basic obedience and beyond, while also working through socialization to create a confident, well rounded pup who will thrive in your family.   

What's included:

  • Proper socialization 

  • Puppy foundations

  • Potty training

  • How to adjust to life with a puppy

  • House manners

  • Building a bond that lasts a lifetime


Who this program is for:

Puppies under 16 weeks of age looking to get a head start on learning how to be the best boys and girls!

basic obedience
Golden retriever  lays in bed next to a sleeping poodle

Who this program is for:

Dogs of all ages who need to learn leash skills, house manners, basic cues like sit, stay, down, come and more!  

two pups looking at the camera


About the program:

Let us help you and your dog learn the basics to be successful together!  We will introduce common behaviors, teaching your preferred behaviors, how to introduce a verbal cue, house manners, leash manners and more.  This program is for dogs who need training and help with the basic behaviors and basic obedience cues.  If your dog has existing behavior struggles like reactivity, anxiety, or aggression please see our Behavioral Training plans.

What's included:

  • House Manners

  • Leash walking skills

  • Basic obedience cues like Sit, Come, Stay

  • Enrichment and how to meet your dogs needs

  • Door manners and waiting at thresholds

  • Integrating your dog into your life

Behavior Modification Training

About the program:

Separation Anxiety, Reactivity, Aggression, and fear are all common struggles and are things we can come alongside you to help your dog overcome!  We are here to help you with a customized training plan to help you and your pup build confidence, work through struggles, and learn to work together as a team to overcome the struggles you may be encountering. Our Behavior Modification Training helps to address the root cause of behavioral struggles, set you up with training games, and step by step solutions to keep you successful

What struggles can we address:

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Reactivity (barking, lunging, growling)

  • Fear

  • Confinement anxiety

  • Handling issues

  • Vet visit struggles

  • Cooperative care 

  • Aggression

Behvior Modification
Training walks

Training Walks and Meetups

About training walks and meetups:

We offer training walks either with the human or as an option for your dog to get a walk break during the day while you are at work or otherwise busy.  These walks are focused on meeting the dogs needs while also working on leash skills along the way.  This is a great option for busy pet parents who's dogs may need a break to get their wiggles out while the parents work, but are also a great option for those looking for a little extra assistance to work those leash skills alongside a trainer too!

We also offer meetups where you and your dog can join a small group to practice your skills around other dogs and humans.  This is a great way to work in a more controlled setting and help your dog to be successful around other dogs, humans, and more in the real world. These take place in parks, dog friendly shopping areas, and pet friendly locations where you can practice your leash skills, obedience and reactivity in small groups with a trainer.  Please see our calendar for scheduled meetups and locations.

a poodle and a golden retriever camping

30 minute training walk 

Who it's for: Dogs who need a day time walk

  • Walk to meet the dogs needs

  • Work on leash skills

  • Get the wiggles out

  • Reactive dogs accepted with additional charge - please reach out for details

Refining obedience group meetup

Who it's for: Dogs and their parents who want to work on their obedience skills around other dogs and humans

  • Must have done at least 2 sessions with Just Love the Dog before joining

  • Work in small groups to refine your skill set

  • This group will help with leash skills, basic obedience around distractions, and get you out in to the real world

Reactivity Meetups

Who it's for: Recovering reactive dogs and their parents who want to work in small groups 

  • Must have completed at least 2 lessons with Just Love the Dog trainers before joining

  • We will meet up in areas that allow plenty of space to keep dogs successful

  • Work on your skillset around other dogs and humans in the real world



No pressure or obligation. :)

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